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Damaged Car Lease Inspection


Lease-End Inspection


When you lease your car, somewhere in your lease contract, you agreed not to inflict more than the necessary wear and tear on your lease car. This means that an inspector must sign off that you did not inflict the said wear and tear and you can return your car at the end of your lease without paying any additional charges.

The department that is concerned about the wear and tear is the leasing company. Because the leasing company is the entity that owns the car. At Auto Lease Helper, we normally make use of third-party inspection company to take care of it and some car leasing companies make use of the dealer to inspect the car when you return it. If you previously got into an accident and you want to repair the car by yourself, ensure they do a good job before the inspection.


What Are Inspectors Looking For?


  • Big scratches.
  • Big dents.
  • Badly scratched or patched wheels.
  • Cracked glass.
  • Modified equipment.
  • Broken or not working equipment or headlights.
  • Damaged seats or interior.
  • Mechanical problems.

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