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Why Choose Us?

Why to lease with bad credit from auto lease helper


Why Choose Us?


We offer a Wide Range of Cars

Keeping up-to-date with car manufacturers and car leasing industry means we are continually improving our network. Each vehicle we offer to our clients is well-researched and we work hard to ensure we offer the best deals you can never find anywhere. You can check the cars we have on our website and our cheap car lease deals. We are sure you will find a car that meets your needs and budget. We have vehicles in stock and we are ready to lease it you with unmatched offers on our lease agreements.


Meeting Client’s Needs

Every driver is unique and everyone makes use of their car for different reasons. From driving around the countryside to popping out to the local shop and long-distance road trips, we have cars that meet every need. By taking the time to communicate with our clients about what they want for their car, we can advise them on the type of vehicle that’s going to meet their need. Our years of experience and expertise have enabled us to assist clients in leasing their preferred car at an affordable price.



Apart from being a professional in the car leasing industry, we are also professional in cheap car insurance and we can help you decide whether leasing option is an ideal choice for you and your conditions. If you have any questions about your choice of car or the way we operate our leasing service, we are always here to answer your questions.


Nationwide Delivery

Regardless of where you live, we will deliver your car to you. We offer delivery of vehicles to our client’s across states in the USA. We can assist you in leasing a vehicle because we offer nationwide car leasing service. Auto Lease Helper offer nationwide delivery for customers with bad credit. We can also help you if you have been denied car finance elsewhere.

You can select from our varieties of cars makes and models that meet your budget and needs. Unlike car deals, we will purchase the car you want and lease it back to you. We personalized leasing agreements to suit your needs. We offer:

  • Choose low initial payments.
  • Adjust miles per annum.
  • Cheap car lease deals.
  • No money down finance.
  • Sign and drive lease.
  • Negotiate monthly payments.


Our team of reliable and friendly team offers a stress-free car leasing service. We will be delighted to help you find the best car and create a personal or business agreement that’s suitable for you. Contact us today and let’s discuss our nationwide car leasing service and how to get the vehicle delivered to you. 


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